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   One of my ongoing endeavors is that of trying to establish a balance between travel for conferences, retreats, etc. and being at home so I can have more time to write. I consistently seek ways to be in touch with my readers and those seeking spiritual nourishment. I’m happy to report that I now have a monthly e-newsletter. (It's free.) I offer this as a source of regular communication and an avenue of connection. The newsletter contains a short essay with something spiritually enriching, and a brief update on my speaking engagements and publications. If you, or someone you know, would like to be on the mailing list to receive this newsletter, please contact me:
             -  Joyce


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Poems of Loss and Restoration

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  •   Joyce reading from her new book  * My Soul Feels Lean *
  •   Loss and Suffering      

  • From the author...

        Welcome to this website. Thanks to my gifted website creator and manager, Faye Williamsen, you’ll find numerous resources here. I hope you’ll take the time to browse around and find what might be of interest and support for your journey of personal transformation. You can click on a variety of items at the top of this page and have access to my current speaking schedule, information on publications, and a variety of articles, poems, and videos.

       I am approaching a portion of 2013 as a sabbatical for writing. When you check my current schedule (at the top of this homepage) you’ll see some months are set aside for this. Fortunately, I live next to a small woods in the city of Des Moines. This lovely spot contains the solitude and peaceful quiet I need for my writing time. This also offers a balance for my activity of retreats and conferences.

       The book of poetry I was working on the past several years has now been birthed. My Soul Feels Lean, poems of loss and restoration became available the first week of March. As I wrote and edited this poetry over the past twenty years, I realized how much it reflects my own journey of loss, change, and growth. The poems also contain insights and experiences of loss and restoration that have come my way through others. The more I gathered the poems together the more I realized how they reflect the pattern in all of our lives, that of “life, death, and rebirth.”  It is my deepest hope that these poems will speak to your own experience and that they will refresh and strengthen your desire for personal transformation amid life’s continual ups and downs.

       The Institute of Compassionate Presence remains a central focus of my ministry. The ICP is now in its fifth year with over 275 persons from across the USA, Scotland and Australia, having entered into the program’s wide and deep approach to compassion. Participants not only receive valuable input, they learn equally from one another as they share their rich and diverse experiences. I treasure the remarkable growth and deepened awareness that takes place for those in this program. I truly believe compassion is what our world most needs, not only in order to survive, but to live the deepest and best of our precious humanity.

       Always I am grateful for those who participate in my conferences, retreats and other programs. I learn much from these events and contacts. Each brings the gift of individual wisdom and life experience. This enriches all of us.

       I am equally grateful to those who take the time to communicate with me regarding my publications. Thank you for your interest and support. Your comments and suggestions bring encouragement, especially on those days when the pages I long to fill with words challenge me with their stark emptiness.

       Whoever you are, wherever you are, may you find inner harmony and a desire to be a loving presence in our world.

                                                           -  Joyce

    Articles of Interest...

    Book shares peace found on journey - Review by Shirley Ragsdale, Des Moines Register, July 15, 2006, of Walk in a Relaxed Manner

    Sneak Preview - Read preview chapter of Joyce's new book Walk in a Relaxed Manner online at The Healing Garden Journal.

    U.S. Catholic Award - Sept. 2004

    Pregnant with possibilities - US Catholic Magazine, Dec. 2004, Award acceptance speech

    "Desperately Seeking Sophia," US Catholic Magazine, October 2002

    "Open Some Doors this Advent," US Catholic Magazine, November 24, 2008.

    "Five Spiritual Lessons of Loss," Family Perspectives Journal, Summer 2002

    "Celtic Crossovers:  May the Lent of the Irish Be With You," U.S. Catholic, March 2001

    "The art of cultivating spiritual growth," The editors interview Joyce Rupp. US Catholic, April 2000. pp 26-31.

    "Let the Land Teach Us"  About Healing and Creativity. Joyce Rupp. Catholic Rural Life, Spring 2000, pp. 12-16. Catholic Rural Life is a publication of the National Catholic Rural Life Conference.

    Book Awards Announced

    Catholic Press Association:
    Walk in a Relaxed Manner 
    - placed first in the area of spirituality, softcover book.
    The Circle of Life  placed second in this same category!

    Independent Book Publishers  Association:
    The Circle of Lif
    received a second place award in the Religion category.

    Devotional Booklets

    For Lent
    For Advent
      Lent - with all my heart   Advent - Welcome the Light  
      A Birthday Blessing   A Gift for the Bereaved  
      May You Rejoice   May You Find Comfort  


    "The Dance of Oneness," A review of The Cosmic Dance by Loretta Peters, EarthLight, Summer 2002.

    "A Nurturing God," A review by Sally Cunneen of Prayers to Sophia and The Star in My Heart. The American Catholic, March 2000, pp. 7, 19.

    Reviews by Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat,Values and Visions Review Service
    Open the Door
    Walk in a Relaxed Manner
    Out of the Ordinary: Prayers, Poems, and Reflections for Every   Season
    The Star in My Heart: Experiencing Sophia, Inner Wisdom

    Reviewed by Sharon Flesher   Prayers to Sophia: A Companion to "A Star in My Heart"

    Reviewed by Austin Repath Walk in a Relaxed Manner

    About Joyce Rupp...

    Picture of Joyce Rupp  

         Joyce Rupp is well known for her work as a writer, a spiritual "midwife," and retreat and conference speaker. She has led retreats throughout North America, as well as in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and New Zealand. Joyce has a B.A. in English, a M.R.E. in Religious Education, and a M.A. in Transpersonal Psychology. She is a member of the Servites (Servants of Mary) community and a volunteer for Hospice. She currently resides in Des Moines, Iowa. A list of Joyce's works can be found in the left column of this page. Click on the book title to find out more information about that title.


    Reflections for 2014
    (from the published writings of Joyce Rupp)


       Each of us has to find the best time of day to pray, but I truly believe that one of the first things required for faithful union with God, no matter when or how we arise, is to pray some kind of thanksgiving for a new day. Life is simply too precious a gift to take for granted. It may be as simple as standing with hands outstretched with a loving heart, but a vital aspect of morning prayer is the intention to unite our selves with the One who has given us life.

    ©  Joyce Rupp, Inviting God In

    Reflections for 2013
    (from the published writings of Joyce Rupp)


       “Come, Lord Jesus, come!”

    Prophets were not easy people to listen to because their messages seared with admonitions to move out of unloving ways and self-orientation. The prophets tried to get those around them to see the bigger picture, the deeper truth, the fuller sense of God’s love. Jesus was rejected and even chased out of his hometown because people did not want to hear his message. He was later hunted down and killed for his prophetic voice. Jesus challenged the acceptable system, rattled the doors of sluggish spirituality. People longed for a savior, but when he came, they rejected him. They wanted someone else, not a person whose words were full of fiery passion requiring a change of mind and heart.

    In this Advent season, we often pray for Jesus to come. Do we know what we pray for? We are asking for a prophet who insisted his followers forgive one another and stop judging others harshly. He asked them to accept people of all nations, to seek the riches of God more than material wealth and to do all they could to heal and to bring peace.

    Are we ready for this prophet to be among us? Then let us pray with all our hearts: “Come, Lord Jesus, come!”

    ©  Joyce Rupp, God's Enduring Presence


       (In the following reflection, the Holy One speaks to those who need trust when experiencing a great loss)

    Look at the geese of the sky; they neither worry nor are anxious about the winter warnings of their lives; for they know within their deepest selves that their journey will take them to a place of shelter, of comfort, of nourishment, a place where winter harshness cannot reach them. See how they fly, winging onward with sureness, with trust in their hearts’ instinct. If these geese, who have not the faith and grace of human hearts, can follow the mystery and secrets of their deepest selves, cannot you, my loved and chosen ones, you whom I care for as my very own, cannot you be in touch with the mystery of your own hearts? Cannot you trust in me to guide you on your journey of life? For I have promised to give peace in seasons of distress, strength in seasons of sorrow, peace in seasons of distress, strength in seasons of great weakness. Trust in me. Do not be afraid. I am with you. I will be your peace.

    ©  Joyce Rupp, Praying Our Goodbyes


       I looked up at a nearby tree. It was a sturdy, tall cottonwood. The season was autumn, and the tree was just beginning to lose its leaves. I sat there entwined in the leaf-letting process. One by one the golden leaves twirled to the earth. I watched them sail down for several hours. Then the wisdom of the event came to me: The tree would not lose all its leaves in one day. And I would not be healed of my hurt in one chunk of time either. My hurts would leave me gradually. I could not hurry them away.

    ©  Joyce Rupp, The Star In My Heart


       To follow Jesus in discipleship means that sometimes I will be rejected and misunderstood; I may not see results in ministry and I will need to give when nothing seems to be returned. “To follow” is to serve when the body and the spirit are weary and to never know what lies ahead. “To follow” is to live with mystery and to walk in faith, knowing that we are deeply loved. Even though discipleship is not always easy and even though sometimes we feel like there’s a part of us that’s been eaten out or chewed on, we can still live with a heart of peace and deep joy. The secret is that attitude which Morton Kelsey spoke of: We know we are creating something of value because our hearts are set on the one who invites us to follow.

    ©  Joyce Rupp, Fresh Bread


       Come, be with me, Eternal Home, as I search for the road that will lead me more deeply into your heart. Take me by the hand and be the radiant Companion whose presence is enough to give my heart hope and vision. When I feel lost and forlorn, draw me to yourself. As I search for the unnamed pieces of my life, lead me home, lead me home.

    ©  Joyce Rupp, Dear Heart, Come Home


       Can we imagine a God who sings a happy song over us, a God who dances with shouts of joy? Could our God be the one who laughs and enjoys life? Scripture tells us that God’s playground is creation and the people who dwell in it. God enjoys this beauty, sees that it is good, and takes great delight in all that is. The Spirit of God dances among us, calls to us to appreciate and enjoy life, and invites us to participate in the divine song that makes melody in the heart of creation. (Jb38:6-7; Prv8:30-31; Is65:18; Mt18:3)

    ©  Joyce Rupp, May I Have This Dance?


    Index of Poems found on this Site

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    "Prayer of One Who Feels Lost" - Praying Our Goodbyes

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    Poetry Cards - Samples of cards available for purchase - poetry from Rest Your Dreams On A Little Twig

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