Joyce Rupp | God’s Enduring Presence
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God’s Enduring Presence

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Strength for the Spiritual Journey

Here best-selling author Joyce Rupp offers us the spiritual assurance that God is always with us, a loving, enduring presence. On encountering God in Scripture she writes: One word or phrase from Scripture can leap out at me and draw me into spending time with the whisper of truth calling to me. In this brief moment of recognition I see that this stirring comes not from my human consciousness but from a deeper place where Wisdom dwells within me. These beautiful reflections are filled with hope and abiding faith in God s presence.

As I reviewed the reflections contained in this book, I noticed that quite a few directly or indirectly focus on the presence of God. This did not surprise me but it did reawaken me to how my awareness of the Holy One’s nearness has claimed my heart. This dimension of my faith has nurtured and sustained my life since childhood. As I have aged, much has changed in both my external and internal world. One thing that has not been altered is my consistent experience of the enduring quality of God’s presence. Through the joys and sorrows of my years, this abiding love remains strong and lasting. I cannot imagine my life without the treasure of the Holy One’s steadfast companionship and guidance….Daily prayer and meditation are central ways in which I have maintained my awareness and gratitude for God’s enduring presence. This is why I readily responded “yes” when first asked many years ago to write brief reflections on the daily Scripture readings for Creative Communications’ Living Faith publication. My positive decision arose from a desire to help others grow in both attentiveness and appreciation of the Holy One’s nearness.

The short essays found within these pages have been edited but are basically the ones I’ve written for Living Faith during the last seven years. (A previous collection of reflections can be found in my book, Inviting God In.) As you use these reflections for your prayer, may they enrich your faith and draw you ever closer to our Enduring Presence.

—Joyce Rupp